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Dog Bone Choke Prevention Food Bowl

 Product Information:

  • Material: PP, plastic
  • Product application: pet bowl
  • Product: Household Style Bone Anti-choking Slow Food Bowl

Slow Feeding: The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Can Help Your Pet Slow Eating, Anti Gulping Healthy Eating, Interactive Bloat Stop Dog, Choking And Vomiting,Difficulty Recommendations: Bone Type (Difficult)

Non-Slip Base: The Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Can Be Used On The Floor Or Mat. Six Small Rubber Anti-Skid Pads Are Installed At The Bottom Of The Bowl, Which Can Effectively Prevent The Food Bowl From Moving Or Turning Over On The Floor

Unique Shape: The Fun Shaped Slow Feeders In The Bowl Brings Your Dog Feeder Dog Bowl Fun Slow And Even The Fastest Eaters Can Effectively Help Them Slow Eating.

Safety Material: The Slow Feed Dog Bowl Is Made Of Environmentally Friendly Materials That Meet Pet Food Safety, High-Temperature Resistance, Strong, And Bite-Resistant, To Ensure Your Pet Safe Use